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We are dedicated to providing a complete and user-friendly solution that helps associations manage their daily tasks and improve communication with members.

Our goal is to create a system that makes it easier for associations to focus on their passions and community without being burdened by administrative tasks.

  • Responsive Design
  • User-Friendly Customization
  • Flexible and Modern

Our vision is to see associations thrive and grow with the help of our technology, and to create a platform where members can share their knowledge and passions in an engaging and organized way.

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Advanced Member Management

Simple registration and member updates, automatic member registration and payment handling.

  • Payment via Bank, PayPal, etc.
  • Export member lists for mailing.
  • Automatic reminders to members.

This association website system is ideal for all types of associations, regardless of size, and can be tailored to specific needs to ensure all requirements are met. By centralizing administration and communication, the system helps associations focus on what truly matters: community and activity.


Easy and simple forum with image upload capability.

  • Unlimited posts and threads.
  • Unlimited forum categories.
  • Image upload and quoting function.
  • Edit posts if desired.

Online General Meeting System

Our online general meeting system makes it easy and convenient to hold meetings and votes, no matter where the members are located.

  • Easy agenda management.
  • Integrated voting system.
  • Secured voting rights.

With a user-friendly interface, members can participate in real-time, ask questions, and vote on important decisions directly from their computer or mobile device.

The system ensures that all members have a voice, and that meetings run smoothly and efficiently. With features like voting modules and automated protocols, we offer a fully integrated solution for modern association management.

Species System (Fish, Plants, Birds, Reptiles, etc.)

Our species list feature allows your members to share their passion and knowledge.

  • Automatic species approval.
  • Species list administrator functions.
  • Automatic email reminders.

Our species list system makes it easy for members to report and keep track of their living things, whether it's fish, plants, reptiles, or birds. Users can report their species to the system, which automatically classifies them by genus and family.

The system also sends automatic email reminders when it is time to renew the reports. This ensures that the information is always up-to-date and accurate, while promoting a structured and engaged knowledge sharing among the members.

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What can ZiiX do?

Articles and Categories

Create as many articles as you want, categorize them, and easily display them on the website.


Intuitive and user-friendly interface. Support within 24 hours.

Membership and Product Management

Create products or memberships (Annual, Period) that can easily be associated with a membership role.

Modular Built Website

With modules, you can easily manage parts of the website.

Centralized Species List

The species list system makes it easy to manage members' species whether they are Plants, Fish, Birds, or other living organisms.

Email System

Send emails directly to members and monitor which emails the system automatically sends.

Built-in Translations

Members from multiple countries? No problem, ZiiX has built-in translations, languages can easily be enabled.

General Meeting System

Hold your general meetings online for all members. Time/Distance is not an issue when it's online.


Do you hold auctions at your meetings? ZiiX has a built-in auction system for members.

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Simple and Easy


dkk3500 / One-time

  • All features
  • Incl. Design
  • Incl. Setup
  • Incl. Support (1 year)


dkk1000 / Yearly

  • Min. 4 updates annually
  • Incl. New features
  • Incl. Bug fixes
  • Incl. Support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contact us here and we will discuss the design and potential data migration.

  • It may not be necessary. ZiiX is based on OpenSource and made in PHP (MySQL). Therefore, there is a good chance you can continue with your current web host.

  • We can assist with help, if you need a permanent webmaster. We can make a separate agreement.

  • No, the system is unlimited in all its features.


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Åstorpvej 84, 6070 Christiansfeld, Denmark


+45 2811 3559

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